Active- International, Mastering the Art of Savory Flavors

New Line Of Organic Savory Flavors

The JM Brown Company is pleased to be selected as the Activ-International representative for the Upper Midwest.  

Clean Flavors and Clear Labels

Activ – International is a global supplier of broths, extracts, flavors and colors, derived from meat, seafood and vegetables. Their taste technology focuses on simple labels, patented grill technology, and have had a USDA Organic Certification since 2002. Their main technologies are designed to deliver the authentic flavor profiles of their characteristic raw materials of meat, poultry, and seafood, vegetable and vegetarian.

Low Temperature/ Slow Cook Grill Technology

Starting with wholesome raw materials, Activ- Internationals production process captures and enhances the natural flavors via low temperature and slow cooking methods. In March 2016, they launched a new line of organic and conventional “High Impact Grill Flavors”. The range includes Slow Cooked BBQ, Natural Smoke and Slow Cooked Southern BBQ (Hickory and Mesquite Grill) in liquid and powdered form.

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