JMBrownCo of Minneapolis, Minnesota, is a work in progress. The friends and former colleagues of our owner supported his transition from being an employee at First Choice Ingredients to becoming the manufacturing company’s representative in the upper Midwest, thus launching JMB 3.0

Early Days

In 1971, our owner’s father, James Brown, tapped into his entrepreneurial spirit and launched JMBrownCo at a small office in St. Louis Park, MN. The office only had a card table and land line telephone. His key to success in 1971 is still resonates today... "find a need and fill it" still. James Brown demanded a sense of urgency in response to customers requests and worked for balance in meeting the needs of both the supplier and customer.


JMB 2.0

Fast forward to 1998, after sale of the company to a global provider of third party logistics, we had an opportunity to buy it back when the logistic business took their company public... hence JMB 2.0 was born. Our interest turned to trading and selling food ingredients from around the globe. We established a branch office in Europe and expanded our knowledge of the Onion, Garlic and Egg Product markets in Europe and Asia.   Commitment to a deeper understanding to understand specific product lines, motivated the sale of the business assets in 2013. 

Relaunching JMBrownCo
In April 2015, we launched the JM Brown Company for the third time (dubbed JMB 3.0).   The 44 year old start up was motivated by the necessity to dust off the family business.   This version of the company is looking forward to the future needs of the global food industry. We are determined to play a role in moving the food industry towards a broader use of nutritious and sustainable food ingredients.

Global food industry in 2055

Humans are currently straining our planetary boundaries as the global population grows. The Food Industry will be challenged to ensure food security in a sustainable and equitable way. JMBrownCo strives to be part of the solution to this challenge.  We are contemplating on how we can harmonize modern nutritional needs with the earth’s capacity to feed nine billion human beings 40 years from now.  Our company is looking to actively make a positive contribution to the food industry, for the sake of our children and grandchildren.


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