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We see our company playing a continuing role in moving the food industry towards a broader use of healthy ingredients.

Let’s all preserve the Earth’s resources, by supporting companies that manufacture sustainable food products. Contact us to hire our company as your representative.

JMBrownCo’s mission is to advance the use of nutritious and sustainable ingredients in the food industry.


New Line Of Organic Savory Flavors
The JM Brown Company is pleased to be selected as the Activ-International representative for the Upper Midwest.

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At JMBrownCo in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is an ingredient manufacturer's representative.   We presently sell high-quality dairy flavors and concentrates manufactured by First Choice Ingredients. We are actively seeking to sell healthy nutritious  ingredients to our customer base. In our more than 40 years in business, we have taken pride in our commercial and technical skills, as well as our global food industry knowledge. Learn More about JMBrownCo

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